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Top 10 Things that Scare The Bejeezus out of Xander

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Growing up, I was a scared kid. I mean, I was scared of everything. Put me in a dark room, near a clown, around some bugs, and I was a crying, blubbering mess. Every single night I went to sleep, I would think, “Tonight’s the night the ghost is gonna decide to get me.”

I forced my siblings to leave the bathroom light on so it would pour into my bedroom. Nightlights weren’t enough. It had to be the bathroom light or my bedroom light. I slept in a fully lit room for about a year in middle school.

It was bad.

Now, I’ve tamed those irrational fears.

Well… most of them.

Check out what I’m scared of now.

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10 Horror Movies to Marathon on Halloween

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Every Halloween, we always get the feeling that we have to sit down and marathon a bunch of horror movies. That’s not weird or creepy, right? Well, in celebration of 9th Circle of Horror’s first Halloween, we’ve put together a list of movies that we think you should marathon on Halloween (in no particular order). Be sure to let us know what you think of our picks. Sleep tight.

The Shining (1981)
One of my favorite horror movies of all time, The Shining will effectively get you in the bloody, macabre mindset for Halloween. With a crazed writer fighting the urge to kill his wife and ancient ghosts trying to murder their 7-year-old son, this movie is a classic sure to scare your socks off.

The Shining

Silent Hill (2006)
Curl up in the dark with some popcorn and watch Rose as she enters another world to look for her daughter. Not only will this movie give you great costume ideas, but it will also inspire you to hide under the covers whenever you hear sirens.

Silent Hill

Dracula (1931)
Nothing like some good old-fashioned classic horror to make it feel like Halloween. It’s not All Hallow’s Eve without the legendary Vampire himself.


Halloween (1978)
I mean, the name speaks for itself. This classic goes without saying.


Psycho (1960)
Halloween is not complete without an Alfred Hitchcock movie. My particular favorite is Psycho. Settle down on Halloween with Norman (or Norma) Bates and watch as things become terrifying.


Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
A classic that could never be replicated. Visit Halloween town in all of its glory, sing along with some old friends and learn about who you really are. You may not consider this a horror movie, but it just isn’t Halloween without it.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Event Horizon (1997)
The perfect “holy shit” outer space horror movie. I’ve been startled, but very few movies have scared me and this one always stays with me. Is charging into new technology really the best move? This movie screams with you.


Cabin in the Woods (2012)
I can never say enough wonderful things about this movie. It has everything you need wrapped in a beautiful bow. Grab some Halloween candy and prepare to be truly entertained, just watch out for Mermen.

Cabin in the Woods

Thir13en Ghosts (2001)
This is one of my favorite movies. It’s creepy as shit. I’ve watched this more times than I can count and will gladly watch it again. Sometimes strangers are more trustworthy than family. It will definitely make you think twice about any inheritance you get.

13 ghosts

Hellraiser (1987)
My all time favorite series, Hellraiser teaches you the important lesson of never playing with what you don’t understand. It reminds you that the veil between Hell and Earth is its thinnest during this day.


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