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Review: Klown Stomper (Web Series)

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klown stomper

Klown Stomper is a horror comedy web series created by The Ater Kids that currently airs on Channel 101. The first episode of the web series placed in Channel 101’s March 2016 Screening, which lead the way for the next episode.

What’s it about?
This web series follows a man called, you guessed it, Klown Stomper. It is his goal to stop the evil clowns from recruiting more evil clowns. In the first three episodes, which is all that is out currently, we also follow a woman named Julie, who has been caught up in the war between the clowns and Klown Stomper.

We see characters we know and love – including Bozo the Clown, Harlequin and Charlie Chaplin – try to carry out an evil and horrifying agenda, which has not fully been revealed yet.

What did I think?
Klown Stomper has legitimately made me laugh out loud. At something with clowns! Clowns, which we all know terrify the shit out of me. That’s a feat, I’ll tell you that.

This horror comedy has me hooked, to be completely honest. Not only do we have a new hero to look up to, but he’s also so ridiculously serious when dealing with evil clowns and mimes that you just can’t help but love him.

Given how much killing and violence is in Klown Stomper, the gore isn’t over the top, which I love. In fact, the clowns shoot out confetti when their heads are blown off, which adds another element of ridiculousness to this terrifying situation.

I’ve gotta hand it to you, The Ater Kids, you’ve found a way to get me to watch something with clowns. Bravo, team. I’m impressed.

Do I recommend it?
OOOOH yes, I do. Go watch it. NOW. HERE. And, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, keep an eye out for Channel 101’s July monthly screening, where you can see episode 4 of Klown Stomper for free and meet The Ater Kids themselves!

To see more from The Ater Kids, check out their YouTube channel.



Review of Krampus (2015)

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Dir. by: Michael DoughertyKrampus-The-Christmas-Devil-movie-poster-2
Starring: Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Emjay Anthony

I know, I know! I’m two weeks late on this, but I finally saw Krampus! Here’s what I thought:

What’s it about?
Krampus is about a family who doesn’t get along very well at Christmas. Max (Anthony), the young son of Tom and Sarah Engel (Scott and Collette), is picked on by his older cousins for still believing in Santa. This causes him to lose his Christmas spirit and accidentally summon Krampus, the evil shadow of St. Nicholas. The family must fight against Krampus and his minions for any hope to survive.

What did I think?
This movie is pretty stunning. It has a heavy Tim Burton/Nightmare Before Christmas feel. It’s definitely a horror movie that the whole family can enjoy.

Going into the theater, I was a little apprehensive about the fact that the majority of the cast is made up of comedic actors. I’ve said bad things about that type of decision before, such as in Would You Rather, but I actually appreciated it in this film. Adam Scott and David Koechner are two of my favorite comedy actors and I was very happy that they were able to bring their expertise into their rolls. Instead of trying to be serious and emotional, the film incorporated their comedy backgrounds, which added an extra layer to the film that I really enjoyed. Conchata Ferrell, though, was the ultimate comic relief. Her performance as the hated Aunt Dorothy was just amazing.

On the horror side of things, Krampus isn’t really that scary. Sure, there are jump scares and the movie does deal with a demon who drags families down to the underworld for losing their Christmas spirit, but it was definitely made with children in mind (just as the original Krampus story was). There isn’t too much cursing, there’s no graphic gore or violence and the main minions are animated gingerbread men, which I found to be a little too cheesy.

Despite the fact that Krampus isn’t going to keep me up at night, I still enjoyed it for what it was. It was funny, it made me jump a couple of times and the acting was just amazing. For the most part, it was believable, but, if you ask me, their actions were a little too logical and level headed for the situation they were in. It was entertaining, to say the least.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, I would. I wouldn’t say pay $15 to see it in theaters, but definitely see it. It’s not scary and you have to suspend your disbelief in some parts, but it has a lot of good features that deserve to be seen.

Did you see it? Let us know what you think in the comments!


Tucker and Dale vs Evil

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Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)
Directed by Eli Craig
Starring: Tyler Labine, Alan Tyduk and Katrina Bowden
Currently on Rotten Tomatoes Top 100 Horror Movies List

I have a very narrow window for what I consider horror. I think I’ve touched on this before. In my narrow window, I don’t list comedies, anything that is just gorey, shit for shock value and plenty more. When I sit down to anything horror, I’m looking to be entertained just like everyone else, but I want to be scared. However, that isn’t always how horror works and it is something that I need to let go of. Rarely am I scared anymore. Let’s face it, I’ve watched a lot of horror movies, but I often come out of the experience entertained, even fascinated by the experience. Just because I’m not scared doesn’t make it any less of a good movie or even a wonderful horror film.

Now, that being said, I laughed my ass off during Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil. Not only am I a big fan of Alan Tyduk, who plays Tucker (they are going to his ‘vacation home’), but this was an amazing movie on so many levels and it did what I do on a daily bases. It pokes fun at so many horror movies and stories. It is literally chopped full of “WTF” moments, but in a good way. The acting was amazing, script was spot on, everything was just perfect.

This is a movie I am definitely watching again and making Xander watch it. It’s not Cabin in the Woods, but Maker is it close. You must see this movie.

I’d own a cabin in some creepy woods, wouldn’t you?