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Why We’ve Been MIA

Posted in Other with tags , , , , on October 19, 2016 by Xander Woolf

Hey, Horror Fans!

You may have been wondering why we haven’t been posting much in the last couple of months.

Well, Winters and I both moved!

When we officially started 9th Circle of Horror, I was living in Los Angeles while Winters held down the fort here in Philadelphia. In the last couple of months, I packed up my car, drove across this amazingly beautiful country and landed in our new shared house just outside of Philadelphia.

What does this mean for 9th Circle of Horror, you ask?


While we haven’t posted much in awhile, we’re planning and trying to figure out how to execute a lot of cool stuff for you guys (including videos and original horror stories!).

Unfortunately, the moves have made it almost impossible to go to any haunted attractions this year before Halloween (money sucks, guys), so we won’t have any posts about that this year, but we’re hoping to have new and exciting content for you all very soon.

We’re also trying our hardest to get back on track with our reviews, so just hang tight a little longer.

We’re so excited to be back!



Short Hiatus

Posted in Other with tags , , , , on February 29, 2016 by Xander Woolf

Hey, Horror fans!

Winters and I will be taking a short hiatus from publishing posts.

Those of you who follow our Facebook page already know that Winters had emergency surgery a few days ago and will be taking time away to recover.

I, on the other hand, have been suffering from stress and am trying to cut down on my daily work for the time being until I can find some balance between school, work and life.

We will still be sharing posts on Facebook, though, so be sure to check us out there!

We will be back in a few weeks, so don’t you worry!

We love all you creepy little horror fans ❤


Oh no!

Posted in Other on February 5, 2016 by Xander Woolf

I’m the worst, guys!

I completely forgot it was Friday. Grad school is messing with my schedule, but I’ll make it up to you.

Expect my review tomorrow at the normal time!


Horror Movies to Review

Posted in Other with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 22, 2016 by Xander Woolf

In keeping with this week’s theme of asking you what you want from us, I’d like to know what horror movies you’re interested in.

Do you have a favorite horror movie that you want to see us talk about?

Is there one coming out that you want to know more about, but don’t want to spend money on it yet?

Are there indie horror films you’re not sure about that you want us to watch and report back?

Let us know in the comments below, though our Contact Us link or on Facebook!


Happy New Year!

Posted in Other with tags , , , , , , , , , , on January 1, 2016 by Xander Woolf

Hey, Horror Fans!

A very sincere Happy New Year from the 9th Circle of Horror team!


Here’s what you can expect from us in 2016. It’s going to be a creeptastic year!

More Movie Reviews!
Why mess with a good thing? 2016 is expected to release a lot of great horror movies, but don’t worry, we’ll still be watching the old ones, too!

More Book Reviews!
I’ve been promising you book reviews since we started, I know, but the only ones that we’ve posted have been guest posts. This year, I promise that I will read a new horror book each month to review for you all!

We started our new Horror Comic Spotlight with Tim From Last Week already, but you can expect a new monthly Horror Game Spotlight, as well! Exciting, right? I know I’m stoked.

Original Fictional Content!
It is my new goal to write horror stories for you all. This will most likely be a monthly post, as well, and will probably be a fictional telling of one of the urban legends posted in that month. Stay tuned to find out!

That’s what we have in store for you this coming year! We’re blown away by the increasing support we’ve received from all of you in 2015. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for each and every one of you.

A sincere thank you from the bottom of our bleeding hearts.

May 2016 bring you all of you your disturbing little wishes.


Holiday Vacation

Posted in Other with tags , , , , , on December 20, 2015 by Xander Woolf

Hey Horror Fans!

With Christmas Day coming up, we’re going to be on vacation. This means that Urban Legend Sunday won’t be happening this week or next week and there will be fewer posts on here and on our Facebook page in general. Please don’t begrudge us for lack of content this week!

Keep an eye out for our Horror Holiday Marathon list coming out on Christmas Day!

And have a Happy, Horror-filled Holiday season!

We’ll catch you next week…


Featured image credited to: Hayes Hudson House of Horror

Why Do We Love Horror?

Posted in Other with tags , , , , , , on November 18, 2015 by Xander Woolf

One of my favorite things to do in this world is curl up on my couch with some popcorn and put on a horror movie. I love navigating the twists and turns of good horror, clutching a throw pillow to my chest and whimpering in fear. I love how my face grows colder when I witness something truly frightening, but I begin to sweat because of the adrenaline rush. I love it all… but why?

HellraiserThere are several theories (most unfinished) about why horror movies are so popular. Aristotle, for example, believed that scary stories and violent plays were considered popular because they relieved their audiences of their pent up aggression. This, as we all know from studying the Greek classics in high school English, is called Catharsis. Research, however, has proven Aristotle wrong. According to an experiment by James B. Weaver III, PhD, of Emory University, violent films lead to a more violent nature within the viewers, regardless of whether the film had a happy ending or not.

Sigmund Freud believed that horror movies speak to the thoughts and images held within the primitive id, which is being suppressed by the civilized ego. Following this thought, it can be posited that horror movies help to quell the chaotic desires of the subconscious (similar to Aristotle’s catharsis theory). Carl Jung, Freud’s student, believed something different. Jung developed the theory of the collective unconscious. Jung believed that horror movies tap into the collective unconscious, bringing to life primordial archetypes feared by everyone. While many believe these theories simply because of the people who came up with them, they cannot be tested and are widely disregarded amongst researchers today.

Many believe that horror is simply the product of curiosity and fascination. Glenn Sparks, Ph.D., of Purdue University, states that humans are genetically wired to pay attention to anomalies in our environment. Because of this, many are fascinated with horror in the same way they’re fascinated with a car accident. We simply can’t look away because we’re curious about this anomaly that could result in a change that is important to our survival. Horror takes place outside normal, everyday behavior, and that makes us want to see it more.Psycho

Dr. Margee Kerr, the staff sociologist at ScareHouse, states that most people enjoy horror simply because of the high received from the fight-or-flight response. The adrenaline rush makes people feel alive. Controlled scary environments, in which people are fully aware they are not in real danger, also release Dopamine, the pleasure chemical, into the brain, which causes happiness. When it’s all over, there’s also a boost in confidence and self-esteem that makes people come back for more.

Other theories include the Excitation Transfer, developed by Dr. Dolf Zillmann in 1978, and Dispositional Alignment Theory, also developed by Zillman, along with his collegues Tamborini and Stiff.

Excitation Transfer Theory, applied to horror movies, states that the negative feelings created by the scary and violent parts of horror movies intensify the positive feelings created when the hero triumphs over the baddie in the end. This theory doesn’t take into account the movies with unhappy endings. Also, studies have shown that people enjoy the scary/violent parts more than the happy ending.

Dispositional Alignment Theory, discussed here and here, posits that we like horror because we, as an audience, feel as though the people getting killed deserve death. Now, there is a lot wrong with this theory. For example, most horror movies aren’t killing criminals or the scum of society. Most horror victims are teenagers, innocent bystanders or characters about whom we’re supposed to care.

Neither of these theories were finished being developed. I may be wrong, but I don’t think either theory was tested on an audience.

EventHorizonThrough all of my research, I have my own beliefs as to why we love horror so much. Horror movies teach us how to act in scary situations. They require us to face the unknown, to understand it and make it less scary. They put our fears into context and allow us to shape our perspective of the world around us. We like horror because it’s a glimpse into the unknown, that which we fear the most.

What are your theories? Let us know in the comments!


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