Review: Eli (2019)

What’s it About?

Eli follows a boy named Eli who’s allergic to the outside. Your classic boy in a plastic bubble, if you will. He has dreams of being free from his bubble, so he goes with his parents to a remote facility to undergo procedures that will make him better. Not all is as it seems, however, and nothing goes according to plan.

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What did I think?

With ties to The Haunting of Hill House, I couldn’t wait to watch this film. I was hoping for a similar deep look into the foundation of a dysfunctional and traumatized family. That isn’t what I got, however. Eli is less about family and more about one special little boy who wants nothing more than freedom.

The pacing for the movie was a bit off, slow at times, but fast-paced at others. It made for a strange feel to the movie, but it didn’t hinder my viewing experience. I enjoy a slow burn.

The acting was good. Not fantastic. Charlie Shotwell (The Nightingale) did a great job as Eli. Lily Taylor (The Haunting) is always a pleasure to watch. The rest of the cast, however, fell flat for me. I immediately hated Eli’s dad, Paul (Max Martini), and I’m unsure if that was intentional or not.

The cinematography could have been better. The ghosts were a little too clear at some parts, but really well done at others. I thought it was interesting that the setting was an old and creepy house, with a clinical and sterile feeling inside.

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Finally, the twist ending was unexpected. I won’t spoil it, but I will say how impressed I was that I didn’t see it coming. I assumed it was one thing, but I never imagined what was actually going to happen. It turned into a nice blend of two different kinds of horror movies. Well done, film creators!

Do I recommend it?

Yes! While it could have been better, it’s still a fantastic movie. You can find Eli streaming on Netflix.

What did you think about the movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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