3 Horror Short Films: October 2019

Hello loves. This month, I watched these horror short shorts (5 or so mins) for fun! Not because I was supposed to have this written already and put it off till the last min. Pfftt…

Mom Away

This started out every day typical, which is how I like it. A family has moved into a new home and the parents are talking on the phone about the kids getting off to school. Mom keeps hearing noises from the room filled with boxes, sees nothing and continues her conversation. After getting off the phone the noise continues and she goes to investigate.

Never go to investigate. Honestly the title made me think the kids may have plotted to do something. The title of it feels like a misdirection to what is actually happening, as if it were an after thought almost. Good short, definitely creepy and let my imagination run wild.

The Moonlight Man

I’ve actually seen this one before, months ago, maybe years. People walking to their car at night in the dark is probably a personal favorite of mine. Anything is plausible. Woman walks to car, sees creepy man with impossibly long fingers. For some reason doesn’t scream and run, just a bit panicked. Drops keys… why do they always drop their keys? Jumps into car, sans keys, and keeps seeing the Moonlight Man.

This was enjoyable for a few reasons. This set up isn’t old for me yet and can be done in so many amazing ways. I enjoy different ideas or versions of what amounts to the boogey man. I enjoy not knowing anything going into it. I’m disappointed by the lack of screams, but I understand. It looks like it was filmed in the night and screaming would have alerted the neighbors. Well done, again every day kinda creepy, but with a twist.


HA HA HA, FUCK NO! Winner Winner we have a Sinner! In less than 3 mins, this scared the shit outta me. I’m not a fan of mirrors and reflections to begin with… always hiding something. I KNOW THEY ARE OUT TO GET ME. But this amped up quick and left me jumping. A woman just looking in the mirror, but what is that? Is there something standing behind her? She can only see it in the mirror….

Watch if you dare. 100% well done, bravo. Pardon me, as I won’t be able to do my hair or make up for a MONTH or more. Thanks, I owe it all to Reflection.

(BONUS) The Moonlight Man 2

You didn’t think there would be a second one, did you? Cause I didn’t. The video ended and there it was in all it’s shining glory, asking me to watch for another few mins. I had to oblige this demon gnawing at my brain to satisfy the curiosity, and I wasn’t disappointed. Man and his trusty flash light exit car, he is ready to do bad things, it appears, and bad guys getting it in horror is my favorite. We already know The Moonlight Man is there but our protagonist isn’t aware right away. A woman walks past him and he tries hard to not be so suspicious. Yeah, right. She moves on and he hears a scuffle and goes to investigate. See the first one, never investigate.

Pleasantly surprised to see a follow up and I loved it. So quick and to the point, no need for dramatics. Again, my brain is left running wild with what ifs, endings and beginnings we know nothing about and I don’t want to know. I like my versions best. I am hoping they make a third.

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