Review: Slender Man (2018)

Directed by: Sylvain White
Written by: David Birke
Starring: Julia Goldani, Joey King, Jaz Sinclair & Annalise Basso

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What’s it about?

Four high school friends in Massachusetts attempt to prove that the Slender Man, a popular urban legend from the internet, doesn’t actually exist by summoning him. Once one of them go missing, the other three have to come to terms with what they’ve done, and attempt to get their friend back.

What did I think?

It’s really difficult for me to not just say: It was terrible. The End.

The trailer for this movie was so enticing. It was creepy and weird and actually got me excited for the movie. It had mystery and the terrifying air that the Slender Man creepypasta has. It seemed perfect.

Then I watched the movie. The movie didn’t match the trailer at all. I sat down, overly excited to finally watch Slender Man, but I got up at the end completely disappointed.

The storyline was not only predictable, but completely arbitrary. Four dumb teens actually go through the steps to summon the Slender Man, then are surprised when they actually succeed. They then do more stupid things that lead to more awful and predictable consequences.

Add in awkward teen movie scenes and you have me just cringing.

Slender Man, in a nutshell

The acting wasn’t terrible. I really enjoyed Joey King’s character, Wren, a lot. Not only is her name badass, but the way King played her made me wish I was cool enough to be her friend.

One positive point about Slender Man was that it didn’t have a happy ending. I won’t spoil anything, but too often horror movies end with that “everything will be okay” feeling. However, the best horror movies, in my opinion, end with that feeling of “oh no, this could still happen to me.”

Do I recommend it?

No, I would not recommend Slender Man. Overall, I give it a 3/10.

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