YouTube Spotlight: Three Short Horror Films from ALTER

ALTER is a YouTube channel that specializes in short horror films. Having just posted their first video less than a year ago, ALTER already has over 100 videos to their name.

I watched three random short films from ALTAR. Here’s what I though of each of them.

The Dollmaker

Running at just over nine minutes, The Dollmaker follows grieving parents directly after the death of their son. The parents commission a magical doll to be made of their son. When you hold or touch the doll, you’re under the illusion that the doll is actually your deceased loved one.

The film was very short, but Al Lougher, the filmmaker, manages to pack so much story into it. There’s even a twist ending that I, for one, did not see coming. The acting was spectacular and the use of voiceover and montages to show the story over a short amount of time was brilliant.

The Flesh of my Lovers

Created by Joshua Giuliano, The Flesh of my Lovers follows a man named Connor who has just a little bit of an obsession with mannequins based on real life women. When he meets Grace, an outgoing gorgeous blonde who’s actually nice to him, he tries to change.

Much like The Dollmaker, this film had a twist ending that I did not see coming. The acting was fantastic. The way that Connor’s psychosis was shown to the viewer was very clever and well done. Also, this film has renewed my fear of mannequins. Thanks, ALTER.

The Blue Door

This short film caught my eye for two reasons. First, it was nominated for a BAFTA ( British Academy of Film and Television Arts). Second, it’s starring Gemma Whelan, who’s known for her role as Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.

This film, directed by Paul Taylor, follows Clare, a caring young nurse who just started in home care for a new patient. She goes about cleaning the patient’s home and stumbles across a mysterious blue door.

The Blue Door has almost no dialogue whatsoever. Gemma Whelan does a fantastic job portraying the story in her acting. Her face is so expressive that you know exactly what’s happening. The ambiance has an air of mystery, but also complete and utter terror. The ending was a tad confusing to me, however. I believe it could have been a bit stronger.

Overall, I enjoyed my stroll through ALTER’s content. Some parts legitimately scared me, but most just piqued my curiosity. Take a look at what they have to offer and see it for yourself!

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