Review: Exposure Therapy (Short Story)

Title: “Exposure Therapy”13mt-front-cover-post-proof-600-dpi
Anthology: 13 Morbid Tales
Author: Devon L. Miller
September 29, 2015

13 Morbid Tales is a book of 13 horror short stories by the author Devon L. Miller and edited by Reggie Lutz. “Exposure Therapy” is the fourth story within the book.

What’s it about?
“Exposure Therapy” follows a teenage girl, Mara, who loves horror movies. Her love of horror movies is deemed an illness within her society, which prompts her parents to send her to an institution so that she can be cured of her “affliction.” In the facility, she and the other patients are put into virtual reality horror situations as a form of exposure therapy.

What did I think?
This story is probably one of my favorite short stories I’ve read, to be honest. The character is relatable  and situation is downright terrifying. The idea of being thrown into VR horror situations in order to scare someone out of loving horror movies is A Clockwork Orange level of brilliance.

The story is written very well. As a reader, I can visualize the situation easily and I feel as though I know each of the characters that Mara briefly meets. Mara herself is a well crafted character. She has just the right amount of angst for a 17 year old and handles her situation as well as I would have at that age.

Without giving anything away, the ending is exactly what it needed to be.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, I do. The plot is well constructed, the characters are well crafted and the story is just well written overall.

Honestly, check out 13 Morbid Tales. You can find it on Amazon.

Check out Devon L. Miller’s guest post here!


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