Review: The Guest (Short Film)

From: Crash Monster Films (YouTube)
Dir.: Nico CM
Starring: Greg Dreyer, Benjamin Oleynik

As we all know, I like to search YouTube for horror short films. This allows for me to see the work of aspiring filmmakers everywhere, not just the ones who make million dollar blockbusters. This week, I look at the YouTube short, The Guest.

What’s it about?
Scientists have created the world’s first sentient robot, but it’s out of control. Jayden (Dreyer) and Lucas (Oleynik) are two young brothers left home alone. When Lucas comes in contact with the sentient robot’s consciousness through his laptop, Jayden begins to worry for his life.

What did I think?
To be completely honest, this film isn’t good. It has potential to be good, but it just missed the mark.

It’s a 7-minute film with bad sound and worse actors. The only background noise you can hear in the first half of the film is the hum of poor equipment. In the second half of the film, the score finally takes over.

Despite how much seemed to be wrong with it, the premise of the film was well thought out. It did actually scare me for a few moments and it does have a certain air of campiness that can cause you to excuse the poorly executed bits.

Dreyer was emotionless as Jayden. He seemed to have one or two facial expressions and his lines were delivered in a monotone voice that didn’t seem to fit the character. Oleynik wasn’t much better, but at least his facial expressions and body language were on point. That boy’s stare will probably haunt me for the rest of the day.

Do I recommend it?
No, I don’t. I wish I could shed all the light in the world on indie YouTube horror filmmakers, but this film isn’t worth the 7 minutes when there are so many better made films available.

Like I said, though, the film has potential to be great and I’m still excited to see what else Crash Monster Films has in store for us.


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