Review: The Witching Season (Web Series)


Created by: Michael Ballif of Witching Season Films

The Witching Season is an anthology of short horror films. As of right now, Witching Season Films only has three episodes available to watch, with a fourth episode currently in production. As these three episodes are three separate horror short films, I will be structuring this review a little differently: by episode.

Episode One: “Killer on the Loose

Written and Directed by: Michael Ballif
Starring: Hailey Nebeker, James Morris

What’s it about?
A convicted murderer escaped from prison and is lurking in the shadows of one residential neighborhood on Halloween night.

What did I think?
This 15-minute film is not only well done, but also intensely suspenseful. The story is simple, as it generally has to be for such a short piece, but keeps you locked in from the first moment. The acting by Nebeker and Morris was on point. The ambiance (cinematography, score, set dressing) of film as a whole was enough to keep me at the edge of my seat up until the end. And the ending… oh, man. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I will say that it’s good.

Episode Two: “Princess

Directed by: James Morris
Written by: James Morris (screenplay), Michael Ballif (Short Story)
Starring: Emily Broschinsky, Anita Rosenbaum

What’s it about?
A mother and daughter move into a quiet suburban house. What they find there, however, isn’t very welcoming.

What did I think?
The only thing I could possibly fear more than clowns is dolls, and this film preys on that fear. The story is simple, like in the first episode: a possessed doll has it out for its new owners. Despite the simple story, the film has an air of terror that seeps in through the score, the sounds of whispers in the air and, of course, the creepy rabbit doll that I would never in a million years keep in my house. The acting was very well done and the ending… well, I have a feeling Witching Season Films is always going to have a killer ending.

Episode Three: “Not Alone

Directed by: James Morris
Written by: James Morris, Michael Ballif
Starring: Sean Hunter

What’s it about?
UFO sightings have been reported across the country. Kyle is awoken by an earthquake to see a strange shape standing still in the darkness. It becomes increasing clear that he is not alone.

What did I think?
This film is only 10 minutes long, but it’s no less powerful or terrifying. I’ve never found aliens to be all that scary, but when one is standing in the dark recesses of your room, just staring at you, it becomes pretty frightening. As with the first two episodes, everything is very well done. The story is simple, yet suspenseful. The ambiance created terror in the hearts of the audience. And the ending, of course, was stellar.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I do. Not only are these films well written, the production value is off the charts for YouTube shorts. Go and watch them.

To see more from Witching Season Films, visit their YouTube channel!


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