Review: Pieces (2016) SHORT FILM

Written and Directed by: Dan SunleyA4-POSTER-v2.4-FULL-CREDITS-CYMK.jpg
Starring: Kristy Guest, Kate Sandison and Louise Willoughby

What’s it about?
While dealing with the loss of her grandmother, Isabella (Guest) is tasked to pack up the now empty house alone. While sorting through Nana’s (Sandison) old stuff, she comes across a single puzzle piece attached to a note that reads, “FINISH IT.” When night falls, a disturbing presence is unearthed and Isabella must decide her fate.

Here’s the Trailer:

What did I think?
Pieces is a truly terrifying film about losing a loved one and the search to find out why. What started out as curiosity over a single puzzle piece turned into finding the line between this world and the supernatural world. This film is not only haunting, but also impactful.

The tension that builds throughout Pieces had me on the edge of my seat. This was masterfully done through the use of imagery, silence, sound and music. It was the perfect combination for a horror short.


The casting was done well. Each of the women in this film were believable and strong characters. Kristy Guest did an excellent job as the lead in the film. Her Isabella was believable and strong, which isn’t always the case with horror female leads. Kate Sandison was both sweet and terrifying while Louise Willoughby pulled off the naive best friend.

Do I recommend it?
Most definitely. Overall, this short film is amazing.

To find out more about this film and when you can expect it to be released, please visit their website.



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