Top 10 Movies to Watch for Valentine’s Day

As you wander the stores looking at cheap chocolates and lame cards, it’s obvious that it’s that time of year. Valentine’s Day. We plan to spend the day thinking about how much love hurts. Here are just a few of our favorite horror movies to watch on Valentine’s Day:

Slither (2006)

elizabeth banks nathan fillion slither james gunn bill pardy
Not only is this one of my favorite movies, it also cast Nathan Fillion (I love you, Nathan). He can slither my way!

Valentine (aka Valentine’s Day) (2001)

film horror valentine 2001 slasher
By far not the greatest horror movie, but throw in David Boreanaz and a twist I didn’t see coming and I’ll gladly check the basement.

Return of the Living Dead III (1993)

One of my favorites growing up. He loves his girlfriend so much that it doesn’t matter what she becomes. ‘Til death makes you hotter.

The Lost Boys (1987)

the lost boys keifer sutherland film jason patric joel schumacher
By far one of my all-time favorites. This movie shaped much of my teenage years. Love at first bite, anyone?

Pontypool (2008)

movie film horror movies zombie stephen mchattie
An amazing horror movie that I’ve reviewed. Easily one of my favorites and just the right story for a good snuggle, but be careful what you say.

Crimson Peak (2015)

crimson peak
A stunningly beautiful horror movie from Guillermo Del Toro. This film takes love and devotion to a whole new level.

Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

tilda swinton tom hiddleston adam eve only lovers left alive
Yes, two movies in a row with Tom Hiddleston… can you blame me? This low-key horror film about vampires is easily one of my favorite creepy love stories.

Dracula (1931)

black and white halloween dracula classic horror 30s
A classic tale of a vampire in love with a human woman, but this isn’t Twilight. Keep your necks covered during this macabre film.

Let the Right One In (2008)

film let the right one in lt den rtte komma in lina leandersson kre hedebrant
Yes, another vampire love story. What can I say? They just make my blood run faster.

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

1981 my bloody valentine
This film might make you reconsider celebrating the lovers’ holiday all together. Be careful or you might end up dead.


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