Review of Selfies (Short Film)

Written and Directed by: Bradley J. Walkowiak
Starring: Jordan Streussnig

To continue my delve into the horror short world of YouTube, I am reviewing the film Selfies, which was released on YouTube in 2015.

What’s it about?
A young woman is always sure of the right angle at which to take a selfie. She walks all over town, taking pictures of herself. When she gets home, however, she realized she should have paid more attention to her surroundings than herself.

What did I think?
This film is very well done for being less than 3 minutes long. The shots are good, the music is terrifying, and Jordan Streussnig is gorgeous and does a terrific job portraying her emotions without having any lines.

The film does an amazing job at building suspense up to the very last moment without causing one’s heart to stop. If you don’t like jump scares, this is the film for you.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, definitely go ahead and watch it. And if you find any other horror shorts on YouTube, be sure to let me know!

You can watch Selfie here!


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