Review: One After Another (Video Game)

Dev: Elisha Ramos
Platform: PC
Status: Complete


Pixelated horror can be pretty damned intense and this game falls into that category. One After Another is a beautifully designed panic fest. The best part of 8-bit games is that the last thing you are worried about is the graphics and you pay attention to the game play and the story, which, when you come down to it, is the most important aspect.

You wake up in an abandoned facility with no information, shirtless and alone. As you begin your adventure, you quickly run into traps that kill you and monsters to hide from. I never knew 8-bit monsters could look so terrifying. Intense music combined with flickering lights helps exploring the unknown as suspenseful as you can imagine.

However, the ending is more shocking than I could have predicted. One After Another is a masterpiece of a horror story. You simply have to play, this is by far one of the coolest games ever.


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