Review: The Plague (Video Game)

Dev: Slothy Games
Platform: PC
Status: Early Access


It’s the 17th century and the Great Plague of London is running rampant. You are a child who wakes up in what looks like a church to find someone in a doctor’s mask eating another person.

This game is pretty simple. You are stuck running around a graveyard, collecting pumpkins to keep your candle lit. You are looking for a key to unlock the gate and following signs to escape. While you are running around, you have to avoid the “Plague Doctor,” who is hunting you.

The Plague is a fun, quick game. The graphics aren’t great, but that doesn’t make it any less creepy. Sometimes simplicity is the best. The fog, weird blinking and the chance of your light going out is enough to freak you out. It reminds me of the Slenderman games, where you’re running around hunting for things while trying to avoid the big bad.

If you like quick horror games, then you should definitely give this your time.


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