Review of The Ninth Circle (2007)

Written and Directed by: F.C. Rabbath
Starring: Iran Kuykendall, Mike Whaley, Bill Kelley

Shot with no budget in two days, The Ninth Circle is a 20 minute long film made by F.C. Rabbath. It is based on Dante’s Inferno, a Medieval text that describes the many circles of hell. The film was created to raise money and interest for a feature length film of the same name and subject. In my research, it appears that this film was never made into a full length feature.

What’s it about?
Michael (Kuykendall) is tasked to plant the Seed of Truth in the ninth circle of Hell in order to receive forgiveness for his sins from God. He is escorted by Virgil (Whaley) through the first eight circles, seeing for himself the consequences of lust, gluttony, greed, suicide, deception, etc. When he comes to the ninth circle, however, he is met with a damning surprise.

What did I think?
I’ve always been fascinated with Christian mythology. Being a fan of all things horror, I’ve had a particular interest in the Christian idea of Hell. That being said, this short film was very intriguing to me. Not only do you get to see one man’s journey to redemption, but you also get to see Rabbath’s visual interpretation of each level of Hell.

Being a no-budget film, The Ninth Circle is very well done. It is shot well, with a good script and an amazing score. The acting is very well done, too; especially Mike Whaley’s Virgil, who is mysterious, creepy and, I’ll admit, quite funny.

Iran Kuykendall’s Michael is brooding and angsty, just as you would expect from a character who has to travel through all nine circles of hell. He’s sick and living with the demons of his past, which is a bit cliche to me. Despite this, however, his character fits well within the narrative and is portrayed excellently.

The ending was a bit confusing. It could use a little more clarification on the script’s part. I did not understand what happened for sure until I saw the name of a particular character in the credits. I was able to assume given context clues, but just a little more clarification would have been nice.

Would I recommend it?
Sure, why not? It’s available on YouTube and has interesting themes. It’s well done for what it is and deserves to be seen. If you have 20 minutes, check it out.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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