Review of Everlasting (2016)

Written and Directed by: AnthonyPOSTER STAR DONE Stabley

Starring: Valentina de Angelis, Adam David
Release Date: February 10, 2016

When I first saw the trailer for Everlasting, I couldn’t wait to see it. Despite the fact that it’s more of a romantic thriller than it is a horror movie, this film looked unique and beautifully done. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

What’s it about?
Matt Ortega (David) travels to Los Angeles from Colorado to confront the serial killer who murdered his girlfriend, Jessie (de Angelis). Along the way, Matt tells the audience Jessie’s tragic story from start to finish.

Here’s the trailer:

What did I think?
Everlasting is disturbingly beautiful. From the very first scene, it’s stunning. Not only is the story itself dark and emotionally moving, but the style in which the movie was shot is unique and aesthetically pleasing. A mix between a found footage horror movie, an investigative documentary and a gothic romance film, Everlasting captures the emotional depth of the characters in an extraordinary way. This allows the audience to see things as they really happen as well as how Matt perceives them.
C - Bai LingThe acting has its rough moments, but overall is very well done. Adam David is able to capture the stoic, emotionally compromised teenager without coming off as angsty or “emo.” You can really see Matt’s pain and determination. Valentina de Angelis is able to be emotionally raw when she needs to be. She is sexy and just the right amount of naive. There are parts in which I feel she is overacting, but this is evened out by how real her emotions are when it counts most.

The aesthetics and the acting would be nowhere, however, if it weren’t for the superbly written script. The characters are well rounded and believable. The dialogue is natural and flows well throughout the whole film. The storyline is refreshing in how different it is from other movies. While we’ve seen the revenge story before, it is usually in the form of an action movie or a gory “torture porn” film. Everlasting puts a spin on that, giving the audience a new

Do I recommend it?
Yes. I honestly do. While I wouldn’t consider it horror, it has the perfect amount of macabre to cause my inner horror fan to be delighted. The plot is tragically unique, the script is well written, the acting is good and the aesthetics are stunning.

red laurelEverlasting was very well received in London at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival, where it debuted for English audiences on November 11. This film can be expected to be released to American audiences in February of 2016. For more information and updates, be sure to visit Everlasting‘s website, like the film on Facebook and follow Super Grande Films on Twitter.


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