Scream Queens

Scream Queens (2015-)

I was rather excited when I saw this show was coming. I adore Jamie Lee Curtis, I always have, and I like several of the other actors in the show. It’s horror, better even it’s horror satire. Nothing could go wrong, right?

I have no idea what the fuck this show is. Not all of the actors are pulling off satire and it gets confusing. It feels more like several writers are working on this script and no one reads what the other wrote. Some of the scenes are very satirical and some of them seem to be trying to be serious horror. Ok, so it’s satire lite, I guess?

I’m not a fan. It feels odd and awkward. It feels like it doesn’t even know what it is. Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing and I love watching her act. That is my take away.

So what is it actually about? Some sorority has to take on anyone who pledges and people start dropping like flies. A killer sporting the red devil school mascot costume keeps popping up everywhere. There are mysteries everywhere and, from what I can tell, everyone in the show seems to have killed someone.

I recommend stepping back and just walking away from this one. There are plenty of shows and movies out there that truly deserve your attention, this is not one of them.


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