Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead (2015-)

This show satisfied a sick need I have to know what happened. I am sure that more than myself was wondering just how the world turned to shit while Rick was asleep and it drove me insane that we had no idea. I was so excited when I saw this was making its way to TV. My loathing for spinoffs was set aside in the anticipation that I might actually have some idea what the hell happened.

After just half a season, I am not entirely disappointed. Let me explain. So we are there at the beginning of the outbreak in Los Angeles with Nick the Drug Addict (Frank Dillane). As much as I want to feel for Nick in all of this, it was brought to my attention that he is young Tom Riddle, so we know how the apocalypse started.

Anyway, so Nick sees the first ‘walker.’ That’s great and all, but how the hell did she become a walker? So far, I know how the world ends but not what started the ‘infection.’ Well yet, I can’t judge what they are going to tell us after just 7 episodes. Maybe they plan on getting to that later in the series, but it is going to be an interesting trip considering that there is no comic book for them to bastardize while writing the script.

At this moment, I am rather entertained. Of course, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) is just Laurie all over again. Making the worst decisions possible. Of course, I’m irritated that it’s a woman always making the shit decisions. The guys that make the same decisions usually just end up being evil in the end.

I have extremely high hopes for the series. The Walking Dead is going to have to end at some point and this might be what continues after. It could just be spinoff after spinoff of different groups surviving. If you haven’t already seen it, I suggest binge-watching to get caught up.

It, of course, is pointing out the one thing most of us already know: during the zombie apocalypse, humans are the real enemy.


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