Review of The Park (Video Game)

Release Date: 10/23/2015The_Park_Screenshot_5
Publisher: Funcom
Platform: PC

Reprinted from Frags & Beer.

As a horror blogger, I’m sad to say that I don’t play many horror games. I’ll watch horror movies until the world ends, but there’s something about being an active participant in horror that’s absolutely terrifying. This game was no exception.

What’s it about?
Based on a portion of the game The Secret World, also published by Funcom, The Park is a one to two hour first-person horror game that is set in a dilapidated amusement park called Atlantic Island Park. The game follows Lorraine, a single mother who is searching for her lost son Callum and finding nothing but horrifying sadness.

Here’s the trailer:

What did I think?
I was able to play through the whole thing in about an hour and fifteen minutes and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. You enter the park, then follow notes, copies of incident reports and newspaper clippings, all of which detail dark energy, murders and how creepy Chad the Chipmunk is. You can hop on the different rides in the park, but be prepared for horrifying images as you fly by. It’s all very typical of horror games, as far as I can tell.

The graphics are about the same as The Secret World. They’re dark and creepy, giving off just the right vibe for a horror game. The graphics along with the soundtrack were enough to make me stop to gather my courage a few times before moving forward. There were quite a few points when I muttered “I don’t wanna” or “NOPE.” Somehow, I was able to carry on. I was almost in tears by the time the credits were rolling.

As the game progresses, it becomes more and more obvious that the underlying theme is about parenting. It’s less about the monsters in the park – a tall man-like figure referred to as The Bogey Man and Chad the Chipmunk – and more about Lorraine, her mental illness and her feelings toward Callum. This is the type of horror story that I love, to be completely honest. While the monsters in the park are quite frightening, the demons within Lorraine are much, much worse.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, very much so… if you’re not a parent. If you like dark games that make your heart beat fast with anticipation and suspense, then this is definitely the game for you. Currently $12.99 on Steam, The Park will be sure to leave you with a sick feeling in your stomach, which is the sign of good horror.

Watch me play through it here:


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