Black Blood Brothers

Black Blood Brothers (anime series) (2006-2007)208503-aliya06
Based on the Black Blood Brothers (BBB) Manga

On my third instance of watching Black Blood Brothers, I was just as excited as the first. It’s a wonderful anime (which, unfortunately, only has one season) and it is all about my favorite movie monsters, Vampires! We follow Jirou Mochizuki (voice by J. Michael Tatum *I love you*) in his desperate attempt to keep his little brother, Kotaro Mochizuki, out of harm’s way. But, naturally, not everything is as it seems.

In this world, Vampires are not only known by certain people, but there is also a special zone in which they can live fairly freely. This zone is where our main characters are headed when they are attacked and meet the lovely Mimiko Katsuragi, who helps them in so many ways.

It is deemed horror due to its graphic nature (I.E lots of blood). Jirou is definitely the romanticized vampire that we are all used to hearing about, but the Kowloon Children are the real horrors, and villains, of this story. I don’t want to give too much away.

This too-short series is not only exciting to watch but the barely-touched back story is also intriguing enough that I may read the manga. The vampire powers are vast and changing. I love the concept and wish there was more to watch.

Would you be a vampire? Because I certainly would.


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