The Legend of Satanville, The Cult House & The Devil’s Road

Having spent a good portion of my life in Southeastern Pennsylvania, there’s no doubt whatsoever that I’ve driven up and down the Devil’s Road – AKA Satanville – in Chadds Ford, PA. I first heard about this particular road while in college. After hearing about it, some friends and I decided to check it out at 3AM while playing creepy Halloween type music. Suffice it to say, I didn’t sleep that night.

The story I heard was this:

The famous DuPont family lived on a road off of Rt 1. This particular family was into witchcraft and isolation (inbreeding was mentioned). Because of their desire to be isolated, they cast many a black magic spell around their estate. This magic caused the trees to grow away from the road and create a sort of wall between the estate and the road. It’s really very creepy and will give you chills.

The actual story is this:

Cossart Road, known around SEPA and Delaware as The Devil’s Road, is just off of Rt 1 in Chadds Ford, PA. On this road is what is referred to as The Cult House. There are disputes as to who owned this house, ranging from the DuPont family to a satanic cult to the KKK. Legends insisting that the DuPont family owned this house also include the rumor of incestuous unions and disfigured children. The location of The Cult House is unknown – especially since it is against the law to stop and get out of your car on this particular road – but many say that it is a mansion made of white brick or stone with windows the shape of inverted crosses.

Many people say that The Cult House is about midway up Cossart Rd and can be recognized by the strange way that the trees grow. I’ve witnessed this phenomena firsthand. It’s really very scary how the trees grow facing away from the road and, in many cases, facing away from their primary light source. Among these is one in particular called the Skull Tree – AKA The Baby’s Cradle. The Skull Tree’s roots resemble the shape of a skull, leaving just enough room to become a baby cage. Legends say that the DuPont family left their deformed, incestuous babies to die under this tree. Other legends state that this is where the satanic cult would leave their baby sacrifices to the Devil himself. Many people claim that they can hear a baby crying when they pass.

The final part of the story is the part that creeps me out the most. Legends say that The Cult House is guarded by a fleet of red trucks (or black SUVs, depending on who you’re talking to). It is said that when someone locates The Cult House, or drives by too many times, one of these vehicles will run you off the road, however, it is also said that these vehicles do not have a driver. The reason I find this part so scary is because, the night my friends and I went to look for The Cult House, we were being tailgated by a large pick-up truck who refused to back off. Eventually, the driver got so fed up with us that he blared his horn and angrily passed us as we crossed the border into Delaware. It was dark, though, so I couldn’t see inside the truck to ascertain whether or not someone was actually driving.

Another scary note from the night I ventured into Satanville: the moment we turned on to Cossart Road, we were engulfed by fog. Being near the Brandywine River, fog is no big surprise, but the second we crossed the border into Delaware, the fog dispersed as if it was never there. Creepy, right?

I never did see The Cult House itself, but I’m here to say that the trees, the fog and the angry truck driver were enough to scare the shit right outta me.


4 thoughts on “The Legend of Satanville, The Cult House & The Devil’s Road

  1. I had a similar experience with a black pickup truck trying to run us off the road there. It was absolutely terrifying. There were moments my car was getting airborne on the rough road and all the while the truck was on my rear so close that I couldn’t see the headlights in full in my rear view. To make matters worse whoever was driving the truck would periodically turn off their headlights, yet when I tapped my brakes I could see the metal grill glowing red by my brake lights… and then the headlights came back on. I damn near crashed and killed myself and my friends. That guy is a menace whoever he is.

    1. It may have been a white truck now that I think more about it. This was back around 1997 and it was extremely dark but I remember the adrenaline rush like it was yesterday but the trucks color (white or black) I can’t say for certain but I’m leaning towards white with a chrome grill, like an old Chevy

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