Correction to my Review of Dracula (1931)

Hey guys,

It’s come to my attention, through my own research about Romania and the history of the Romanian language, that 3-7% of the population of Romania actually speaks Hungarian. This is due to the Hungarian invasion of the Daco-Roman province north of the Danube river around 1200 CE. The Hungarians ruled over the country (much like the French did in England around the same time), which not only influenced how Romanian is spoken today, but left a small population of Hungarian language speakers within the country. The language is centralized around Transylvania, leaving entire villages that speak the language. So, I must revoke my major qualm with Dracula (1931). It is entirely feasible that Mr. Renfield would stop in a Hungarian speaking village on his way to Borgo Pass. It is still my opinion that the villagers should have spoken Romanian, but I no longer find it to be as unrealistic as I first thought.

Thanks for the understanding!


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