Review of “Prowl” (2010)

Dir. Patrik Syversen

Starring: Courtney Hope, Ruta Gedmintas

HBO Go has had quite a few decent horror movies lately, so I decided to get my next review topic from there. Surfing through the titles, we landed on a movie called Prowl. This pathetic excuse for a horror film is about a young woman named Amber (Hope) who is determined to move to the big city. Under a deadline to secure her new apartment, she and her friends decide to take a last-minute road trip to Chicago. They break down along the way and end up hitching a ride with a kind truck driver named Bernard (Bruce Payne). Bernard turns out to not be so nice, however, since they end up trapped in a warehouse full of bloodthirsty Vampires.

I feel as though they cast Courtney Hope in the role of Amber in order to remind us of Rose from Silent Hill, not because she was actually a good fit for the part. The same goes for Ruta Gedmintas as Amber’s best friend, Susie. Her look reminded me of Leelee Sobieski. These girls fit the visual aesthetic that Syversen was going for, I’m sure, but their acting really dragged the whole thing down. They couldn’t deliver their lines in a believable way. I just didn’t believe that they were in danger.

It was obvious that they had to film some of their scenes during the day. There is a major continuity problem with day vs. night. One minute, it’s dark outside. The next, it’s light. They thought they could get away with it, since most of those scenes are filmed inside the large warehouse, but they didn’t take any action to hide the sunlight from the windows or the cracks around the door. This throws off the aesthetic and the timing of the story, which confuses the audience.

The script was absolutely awful. They didn’t once use the word “Vampire” in the film, which is just annoying. We all know what they are, don’t try to hide it. The script is lacking some major storytelling devices, such as a climax, falling action and a resolution. The movie didn’t tell a story as much as it told the beginning of a story. We are left with more questions than answers.

This movie is one of the worst I’ve seen. The acting is terrible, there are major continuity errors and the writing is abysmal. I do not recommend it. Don’t waste your time.


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