The Legend of The Midnight Game

The Midnight Game is rumored to be a highly dangerous modern game based on an ancient pagan ritual. Many claim it is a deadlier version of Bloody Mary, the game we wrote about last week. The Midnight Game is said to have been used as a scare tactic, designed to dissuade a person from disobeying the gods. Following suit with others who have written about this game, I highly recommend that you DO NOT try it. There is a chance that this game is deadly and an even higher chance that it will leave you mentally scarred and unstable.

However, for those who are curious, I will outline how to play. Complete these tasks at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What you will need:

  • A Candle

  • A Lighter or Box of Matches

  • A Piece of Paper

  • A Writing Utensil

  • A Location with a Wooden Door

  • A Few Drops of Your Own Blood

  • Salt

When to perform the ritual:

  • Exactly 12:00AM, or else it will not work

Things to remember:

  • Do not turn on the lights or use a flashlight or lighter in place of the candle

  • Do not go to sleep during the game

  • Do not use another person’s blood in place of your own

  • Do not provoke the Midnight Man in any way once you are in game

How to perform the ritual:

  1. Write your full name on the piece of paper (first, middle and last).

  2. Squeeze one drop of blood onto the paper and allow it to soak through to the other side.

  3. Turn off all lights.

  4. Place piece of paper in front of closed wooden door.

  5. Light candle and place on top of paper.

  6. Knock on the door exactly 22 times (note that it must still be 12:00AM on the final knock)

  7. Open door, blow out candle and close the door again.

  8. Immediately relight your candle.

You have let the Midnight Man into your location and this is when the game officially begins.

From this moment until 3:33AM, it is your goal to avoid the Midnight Man at all costs. You may wander around your location, but bring the candle with you. If the candle goes out at any point, it means the Midnight Man is near. You must relight within 10 seconds. If you are unable to do this, surround yourself within a circle of salt and stay within the circle until 3:33AM.

You will know he is near because the temperature will suddenly drop. You may see a pitch black figure or hear quiet whisperings from an indeterminable location. If you are unable to light the candle or surround yourself in a circle of salt, then the Midnight Man will attack. It is said that he will plague you with hallucinations of your deepest and darkest fears. It is also said that he might pull your organs from your body one by one.

If you survive the game, the Midnight Man will leave your location at 3:33AM and you are free to do as you like. However, it is said that he will always remain near, watching you.

The original source of this legend is unknown. There is no real evidence as to whether or not this is a hoax. All I know for sure is that I wouldn’t take any chances inviting any type of vengeful spirit into my life, would you?


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