The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
TV Series
**Spoilers **

Being a fan of zombies and comics, I automatically felt drawn to this show. Of course, the production quality also had a lot to do with it. When your zombies look like full-on zombies, it makes the illusion of the television show more real and that much easier to get lost in.

If you have read the comic and watched the show, you already know that the two don’t go hand in hand; however, this doesn’t offend me. I’ve always had the ability to separate book from movie and appreciate each for the works of art that they are (Unless we are talking about Anne Rice, but you don’t want to have that conversation with me).

By the by, interesting fact: they are called walkers because, in the universe of The Walking Dead, the notion of zombies never existed like it does in our universe.

I just finished binge watching the latest season and, I have to admit, this season was better at keeping my interest than most. Of course, there were a few times that my mind would wander and I’d just be listening to what was going on, but I paid more attention than usual.

I do appreciate how much they are trying to parallel the dangers of zombies and humans. Both are equally dangerous and deadly, just for different reasons. The apocalypse will always present you with the people who break, who become the psychopath their middle school guidance counselor always thought they would be. And yes, I believe they are equally dangerous. The only difference is that you know the motive of the zombie, but humans are bitches. I‘d rather be stuck with the zombies.

As for this season, I am woefully disappointed in Rick leading them into yet another community. I feel we need to make this a rule: Thou shalt never join a community during or after the apocalypse… Maybe we need to do a few new lists… (Xander, get on that).

As I was saying, I’d never join a community. Xander agrees, even if she is a filthy zombie hater, that you can build a community, but you can’t join one. It’s a stupid death wish. If you are already traveling with a group, then don’t be even further slackers and join a premade community. Make one your damn self. I’m not saying it won’t be hard, but it will save you a lot of trouble in the end. You know, no one to answer to, no rules to learn… no crazies eating human flesh. Also, if you’ve simply got to kill every motherfucker that tries to join you, accept no substitutions and only go with the people who already agree with your crazy ass.

You see what I did there?

I’m really pissed about the deaths this season, too. Seriously, what do zombies have against black guys on this show? Of course, the stupid preacher is still alive. I mean, I don’t wish him dead as hard as I wished Joffery dead on Game of Thrones, but oh, it is getting close. He is one of those idiots who should have died a long time ago, but is only alive due to sheer dumb luck. When did ‘Survival of the Fittest’ become ‘Survival of the Lucky Motherfuckers?’ There are several who earn the right to live, and I agree that they all have some manner of luck, but there are those who I just don’t get. Mainly the preacher. As useless as Eugene may have been in a fight, he has his usefulness, and I get it.

I don’t know. This season seemed to be about psychopaths, trying to fit a round peg into a square hole (putting them into a pre-existing community), PTSD (the preacher, Sasha, and Rick (to a lesser degree. but he has been bat-shit crazy for awhile now. They just seem to keep forgetting this tidbit)), and abuse. That last one was an interesting turn of events, and an interesting notion. How much are you willing to let ‘useful’ humans get away with for the sake of the greater good? Can a surgeon drink and beat his wife so you can have a surgeon? Nope, rubber band and razor blade that shit (that means cut off his balls) and that seems the gist.

Overall, I enjoy the Walking Dead, it is by far not my favorite case of zombies. I’ve been a zombie lover for a long time. I could delve into each zombie flick and why I love or hate them, but then I’d run out of other shit to talk about in blog posts.

The one thing that people seem to forget is that zombie stories speak to us more about human nature than they do about the supernatural or even of zombies. Killing zombies is one thing, but trying to outsmart them, build around them, keep them out is something entirely different. How we respond to what they do to us is the real story. Do we fight? Do we break? Do we turn on each other? Does it bring out our natural talents, drive us to kill, eat each other, rape, murder, steal? Zombies, much like becoming rich, magnifies who we are as a person. Are we strong enough? Do we care enough? Do we have the skills or the determination? I feel that how we respond to shit like that is who we truly are in the end. When it comes down to it, when it really comes down to it, can we be extraordinary? Or are we just sheep? Leaders or feeders.

So, think about it. Would you be the crazed hero trying to save everyone, but at the expense of your own sanity? Would you be the psycho, killing everyone that moves, just to survive or for some sick pleasure? Would you have even made it that far… or would you be one of The Walking Dead?


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